Project Reference in Development & Design
(Projects by Wenex or their Associates)

1. Tianjin 117 (TJ117)

A comprehensive development project on a 225 Ha (2.25 sq. km) site, which consists of offices (19 Blocks), commercial arcades (linking up the whole CBD), hotels, deluxe residential villa and buildings, retail shops, parks, a polo club and other supplementary facilities development. One of the most magnificent buildings in the development is a mega tower of 117 storeys with a proposed height of 607m in the Central Business District (CBD). This building is currently the tallest in China and will become a new distinguishable landmark in the world when completed. (I am only responsible for the overall Master Layout Plan of the whole CBD at early stage, the planning & design of that magnificent Tower 117 and the Commercial Arcades, which linking up the whole CBD).
2. Nantong International Trade Centre

Single Grade A Office Tower with exhibition arcades of about 870,000.00 sq. ft. GFA in Nantong.
3. Composite Development at Caohejing, Shanghai

A composite development at Shanghai of GFA over 1,000,000.00 sq. ft; which compose of a 4-star hotel, a Grade A office tower, and a prestigious service apartment.
4. Development above the Bus terminal of FSQY at Foshan, Guangdong

Commercial / Residential Development over a Bus Terminal at Foshan, with total saleable GFA about 3,200,000.00 sq. ft (Planning and Initial Design Stage).
5. Miscellaneous Projects Various A&A projects for Hotel & Premises; and Initial Planning for Development Projects in HK, Macau and PRC
6. Lido Complex (麗都商場) A 5 storey top brand shopping mall at the prime tourist location - Repulse Bay Hong Kong, with a land-mark exterior and total floor area about 15,000 sq. meters.
7. Emperor Star City, Shanghai, PRC (上海明星城) A large comprehensive development at the most prime location for tourist in Shanghai. This composite development is located in Huangpo District (黃浦區) near Yuyuen (愚園) total floor area about 120,000 sq. meters, with a shopping mall, a “hip hotel” and a “Old Shanghai” style Commercial Street.
8. Office building at Changan Jie (北京長安街) Total gross floor area about 76,000 sq. meters, majority a Grade A offices, with some shops at Ground Floor and the first basement.
9. Office and Hotel Development in Chongqing, PRC Total Gross Floor Area about 250,000 sq. meters composite development.
10. River Side Garden, Xiamen (廈門湖畔花苑) Commercial and Residential Development in Xiamen. Total Floor area about 100,000 sq. meters, with Six Blocks of Residential Towers over a 2 Storeys Height Commercial Arcades
11. Royal Bay at Chung Hom Kok, Hong Kong (御濤灣) Prestigious Residential Houses at Island South of Hong Kong
12. JC Castle at Tai Po, NT, Hong Kong (龍成堡) Residential Estate and Villas, one of the best selling residential premises in Hong Kong at 2003
13. Grand Emperor Hotel in Macau (英皇娛樂酒店) A 3-star but deluxe decorated hotel in Macau of floor area about 600,000 sq. ft, with about 300 rooms, Casino, entertainment facilities and shopping arcades.
14. Concord World at Nanjing West Road, Shanghai PRC. (上海協和世界) A Two Phase Development on a site about 150, 000 sq. meters. Phase I consists of Three Tower Blocks of Deluxe Services Apartment over a Commercial Arcade; while Phase II was under planning.
15. Shanghai Cannes (上海康城)

A large residential development of site area over 1,000,000 sq. meters, and was one of the best selling residential premises in Shanghai at 2000.
16. Fang Cao Yuan, Tian He, Guangzhou (廣州天河芳草園) Composite Residential Estate Development (with Associated Facilities), 5 Blocks of Multi-Storeys Residential Apartment built over a Commercial Shopping Podium
17. Vista Paradiso, STTL 338, Ma On Shan, Sha Tin (聽濤雅苑 – 馬鞍山) Residential Estate Development, with 11 Blocks of High-rised Multi-Storeys Apartment and Associated Facilities
18. The Blue Yard, Tai Uk Wai, TWTL 369, Tsuen Wan (荃灣海天豪園) Commercial / Residential Development, a single blocks of Multi-Storeys Residential Apartment (with Recreational & Associated Facilities) over a 5 Storeys Shopping Arcades
19. Shanghai Jinjun Garden 5 Blocks of Multi-Storeys Apartment and 30 Blocks of Villa Type Houses
20. Guangzhou Wing Kin Square A 23 storeys Offices Tower over 4 storeys Commercial Arcades at Dongshan District of Guangzhou (where there was acclaimed to be the “Wall Street of Guangzhou”)
21. Large Residential Estate Development at Tai Po Tsai, Sai Kung (西貢大埔仔) An over million square feet site area composite development with Residential Blocks, Commercial Complex and Recreational Facilities
22. Industrial Complex at Lot 1107 in DD215, Hong Ting Road, Sai Kung (西貢康定路) Multi-Storeys Industrial Premises in Sai Kung with about 50,000 square feet.
23. Xinglong Building, Nanjing (南京興隆大廈) A 28 Storeys Office Tower over a 5 Storeys Shopping Arcades near the City Railway Station
24. Podium Plaza at 5-7B Hanoi Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon (普基商業中心) A 20 Storeys Grade A Office Tower over a 4 Storeys Shopping Arcades at Tsim Sha Tsui
25. The Jade Plaza, 513-531 Canton Road, Kowloon 玉器交易廣場 A 20 Storeys Office Tower over a 3 Storeys Shopping Arcades located at the famous Jade Market of Hong Kong in Canton Road, Kowloon
26. Elisabeth Court Single Block of Residential Development at Elisabeth Bay of Sydney, Australia
27. Darling Court Single Block of Residential Development at Darling Harbour of Sydney, Australia
28. N.K.I.L. 1221, Kowloon City Commercial & Residential Complex at Kowloon City
29. 41-43 Chi Kiang Street, Kowloon High-rised Commercial Building in East Kowloon
30. 151-159 Hai Tan Street, Kowloon Residential Development on a site of area about 6,000 sq. ft at Shum Shiu Po, Kowloon
31. 65-75 Wai Ching Street, Kowloon 20 storeys Residential Development at Yau Ma Dei, Kowloon
32. The Century Plaza 50 Storeys Residential Apartment at Pitt Street and George Street of Sydney, Australia – the tallest residential apartment in the South Hemisphere at the time
33. Anhui Expressway (皖通高速) A Public Listed Highway in PRC. ( Engaged in Planning, Preliminary Design and Initial Negotiation of Project Financing only)
34. 451-459 Shun Ning Road, Hong Kong 24-storeys Composite Building at Shum Shui Po, Kowloon
35. 11-11A Robinson Road, Hong Kong 28-storeys Deluxe Residential Building with car-park at Mid-Level, Hong Kong Island
36. 7 Tat Chee Avenue, Yau Yat Chuen 3-storeys Deluxe Residential Apartment Building
37. Re-development of Motor Cycle Club at Tianhe, Guangzhou Redevelopment of Government premises, and change the land usage into residential development (this project has advocated a new concept to local authorities of PRC in their redevelopment and project finance).
38. Ashley Centre, 23-25 Ashley Road, Tsimshatsui 16-storeys Grade A Commercial Building at Tsimshatsui
39. 12-14 Marigold Road, Yau Yat Chuen 3-storeys Deluxe Residential Apartment Building
40. 53-59 Kimberley Road, Tsimshatsui 17-storeys Composite Building
41. 18 Dianthus Road, Yau Yat Chuen 3-storeys Deluxe Residential Apartment Building
42. 3 Duke Street, Kowloon Tong Multi-storey Deluxe Apartment Building with car parking at Kowloon Tong
43. Hong Ning Court, Kwun Tong Multi-storey Residential Apartment Building
44. Guangdong Mountain Building Multi-storeys Grade A Commercial Building at Sheung Wan
45. Perfect Mount Garden Seven Blocks of Residential Development over MTR Shaukiwan Station
46. Mandarin Garden 52 Blocks of Top Brand Villa at Shouson Hill, Hong Kong
47. Roca Centre Residential Development over the MTR North Point Station
48. Sing Woo Court Multi-storey Deluxe Residential Apartment at Happy Valley, Hong Kong
49. Kennedy Terrace Multi-storey Deluxe Residential Apartment at Mid Level, Central, Hong Kong